Review by Josephine Mbofwana on PhytoScience

The products are a miracle. I have seen wonders that I can't explain. My nephew needed corneal transplant on both eyes. We didn't have money to send him to India. We needed 50,000 kwacha per eye. We tried crystal cell and we used only 4 packets. The boy is seeing and back in school. Who can do such a thing? Only phytoscience does it better.
My sister too had both lungs damaged due to coving 19. Depended on oxygen. She used double stem cells and she is breathing well now. We spent a lot of money paying for oxygen but now phytoscience has done it again and again.
I'm currently using crystal cell for my blood pressure. Each time my doctor checks my blood pressure , he is surprised because its normal. I use one drug but other patients are using 3 different types but they still continue to have high readings. When they ask me the secret, I tell them that phytoscience products does it better.
If one wants to have free mind, don't look elsewhere but phytoscience. It will give you healthy benefits as well as financial benefits.

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