Review by Josh B-C on Hyperfund

The higher you get up the ladder of perceived success, the more of you rear end is showing for those at lower levels to shoot at. If you're not getting shot at, then you're not doing enough, or, what you're doing enough of maybe in the wrong opportunity. I'm disappointed at BFH allowing itself to be used as a platform for shooters. If anyone has the basic professional and testicular fortitude to do their OWN RESEARCH and deep enough Due Diligence process, they will have no option but to come to the same conclusion as those of us who have done this. If you are going to throw crap at individuals simply for choosing one or two bad opportunities (like you have done here), why not put an honest poll out and publish the results? The poll question? How many on your journey in this brilliant profession have chosen a bad opportunity along the way to finding your home with one opportunity? I dare you.

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