Review by Josiane Tsh on iGenius

iGenuis where can I start? There is so much to say that it is challenging to put it a review, but here we go.
If you bumped into me couple months ago and now, you will definitely feel the difference.
This company has changed my life for the best. The community the family the support you get here, I do not think you can match anywhere else. Whether you are new, intermediate, advanced about the financial market, I will tell you there is always something to learn.
iGenuis genuinely cares that you succeed, they actually give a 2 minutes about you. This is something that is so rare and scares to find in this age we live in.
I came to iGenuis with just the intention of having other sources of income I could make by learning the skillset needed to leverage the financial market but I ended up quitting my 6 figure Software engineering job. Why? Because iGenuis has given more than an 9-5 could ever give me in years. The support, the believe, the ability, the capability, the worth, the consideration, the compassion, the understanding, the tools to develop skillsets, the patience, the community and overall the family.

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