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My daughter introduced DreamTrips to her adopted Grandy in 2012. Mom was in very poor health, but the thought of traveling began to give her hope for the future.

I cared for mom the last six years of her life. We went on about a dozen DreamTrips… Several with just the two of us but the majority included my two daughters.

Mom attended all the local trainings and a couple of national events . She made changes in her attitude, food choices, and lifestyle. Over the course of a year and a half, she lost 60 pounds and gained a new zest for life!

Her favorite cruise was out of Long Beach with an excursion to La Bufadora in Ensenada, Mexico. We always had to stop at Habana Banana to see what wild creatures were available to interact with. She loved showing her friends back home pictures of her holding a cheetah or feeding a baby white lion, petting a panther, or playing with a tiger.

Mom heard that international quilt legend, Kaye Wood, was taking a large group on a Quilter’s Cruise to Hawaii. We called Rovia and booked passage on the same ship. All four of us went for slightly more than one of us could have, if we had booked with Kaye’s TA. We got to hang out with many of our friends who were part of her cruise. Mom would be so happy to know that a year and a half after that memorable cruise, Kaye joined our team!

Our last cruise was down the Panama Canal. Mom’s health was beginning to fail, and she wanted to finish her race living and experiencing life, rather than sitting at home, waiting. She enjoyed all 15 days. Her favorite stop was Guatemala.

As soon as we returned home, mom declared that we had to go again, and this time my girls had to accompany us. Within the week, I had booked passage on three ships, for four cruises, and a total of 45 days at sea!

Sadly, right about this time last year, mom realized that this Grand Adventure was not going to be a reality for her. She made me promise that I would take her ashes with us. Then, she embarked on The Ultimate DreamTrip.

We will treasure the memories we made together!

Thank you, World Ventures!

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