Review by Joyce apple Serrani on George Eapen

I am joyce apple serrano and i live in phillipines, In a fast few days one of my friend invited me to join in Crowd1 so i search crowd1 in my fb account until i found sir George Eapen then i will send a message to him sir 'how to be part of crowd1' until he reply my chat then we are chatting then he start to help me I tell to Mr George Eapen sir I dont have enough money he said he insists and pay it for me then i am so thankfull that he pay for it all he want is i need to hardwork and to be serious in this business then I sat yes sir i will then I promise go him that i will repay for it onece that im earning… Until now sir George Eapen continue to teach and guiding me about this. Sir George Eapen is a very kind person and a good mentor Thank you sir for your kindness… May God blessed you…continue on helping

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