Review by Joyce Dunois on Genusity

I started looking at Genusity in May 2018. I attended many Webinars. Yes you could say I was stalking this company. Was I a skeptic? Sure why not. Looked at a lot of ho hum opportunities. The comp plans were not very impressive. You could say most comp plans were designed for failure. Genusity on the other hand smacked of wholesomeness and generosity. Never before have I seen such transparency. Finally, in October I decided to join Genusity. One week later, I went to our Company Conference. At Conference I walked into the room late and I could tell I made the right decision. This was truly a no brainer. A company that finally pays the same for both customers and associates. They pay daily, and monthly including Multiple Bonuses. Easy obtainable rank up requirements. Every business needs good advertising. The Genusity Advertising System gets ad views on all devices cell phones, tablets PCs GAN system is the only Proximity Marketing System Guarantees Ad Views by combining Beacon & Fencing Technologies.
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