Review by Joydeep Sen on Vestige Marketing

Microsoft became Microsoft because of Mr.Bill Gates,Apple became Apple because of Mr.Steve Jobs. Likewise Behind the success of Vestige,There is a very Visionary Person Mr.Goutam Bali.Along with his Visionary approach ,Robust Leadership and very efficient Management Team,Vestige has already become the No.1 Direct Selling Company in India and days are not too far when Vestige will lead the globe in this industry.

In this Pandemic ,It has already been proven that Direct Selling is recession proof even pandemic proof industry and Vestige's magnificent business plan will take you to secure your life,your family's life and fulfill all your dreams in a very systematic manner within a specified timeframe.

Vestige will start operating in 50 countries by 2025.So it's time for people Globally to start getting benefits of Vestige System.

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