Review by Juan Carlos Cardona on Muscari International S.A.

Muscari is a very solid company and great all around with 17 years in the industry, providing excellent leadership and training in direct sales and also paying great commissions to their independent business owners.

The awesome part of the company is that you do not have to be an IBO to reap the benefits of muscari’s great and wide line of products. They trully care about their IBOs and most importantly their direct customers by providing outstanding products and services.

Muscari is a great company due to the fact that they have their own manufacturing facilities which helps their products pricing to be highly competitive and leaves room for the ibo’s to make a good chunk of profit while still being competitive with other products that are similar, even though nothing compares to the quality of muscari’s products.

If you are looking for a great company where you can grow your network and looking for the best compensation plan muscari is the right fit for you. They will provide outstanding training and leadership which will help you grow as an independent business owner and keep your skill set sharp. Muscari offers different ways of compensation which the distributor will find very appealing.

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