Review by Juana Perez on iGenius

IGENUIS is a financial education platform that teaches people how to invest their money.

Personally, for me, IGENIUS is a company that gives back hope to people no matter where they come from. The company has taught me that you can be the poorest person inside the company, but if you truly believe in yourself, have faith in the process, and put in the work you will succeed. Yes, maybe the money you receive is not a lot in the beginning or maybe you are not winning anything for the first two months, but that does not determine you are a failure, it means you have to change something. Inside the company, there's a leader, mentor, a team, and most of all a family, who truly cares about you that you accomplish your goals. Overall, Igenuis made me realize that it's good to dream because that shows you are alive. It will give you a purpose to work harder every day and hit your goals. Everything is possible if you stay focused, you are the boss, and you decide who you want to become. I am so grateful to be part of IGENUIS. Thank you for changing my life!!!

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