Review by Julia Flynn Werre on APL GO

The products are just so powerful. All my life I have used "vitamins" and "OTC products" but nothing has so positively impacted my healthy as APLgo's family of DNA Drops. So happy I made the switch! Plus they're yummy ?
I am so surprised (and relieved) at how quickly RLX goes to work helping me fall asleep so quickly! No sleep aids, self-hypnosis, boring tv shows, heavy reading, melatonin, valerian or other stuff… just let a DNA drop melt in your mouth and you're gently drifting off to sleep.
So comforting!

I no longer wake with pain in my neck and shoulders! I wake up fully rested and no grogginess or fogginess!

I love taking my NRM during the day, too! Metabolism and energy support are my two daily concerns, but NRM has me covered!

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