Review by Julie Leclair on iGenius

iGenius has really changed my life tremendously! The community ALONE is worth the small $174.99/month membership fee. There's a massive amount of value for the taking and you can most definitely thrive here. The ENERGY across the platform is absolutely phenomenal and tons of support.

People leaving negative feedback. Guarantee they were either NOT:
1. Coachable
2. Willing to invest in themselves
3. Willing to put in the work
4. Using RISK MANAGEMENT strategies correctly or at all (= loss of money)
Or a combination of these!

Trading involves risk, yes. It is how you MANAGE YOUR RISK that is key. Even the best, most expert trader WILL NOT & CANNOT WIN EVERY TRADE! Not one person ever will be able to do so and that is because no one can predict the markets! These are facts and this is why IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO LEARN & APPLY RISK MANAGEMENT to your trades! Know this, and keep in mind that the FINANCIAL MARKETS ARE THE #1 TOP PRODUCING INCOME SECTOR THERE IS OUT THERE and surpasses all of them by far! 'Bad news' travels faster than 'good news'. So don't let others influence your decision-making. Think for yourself.

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