Review by Kaghi nurdin on Success Factory – Dagcoin

In 3 years in this company I have not been able to exchange my coins a lot of ecosystem but nowhere is it liquid, I had a registered online store and received more than 20,000 euros in coins for my products and I have not yet got offers for me to buy things of value or I have not been able to change to fiat either, I am very sad with this situation because the exchange does not have liquidity there is nothing to do there just buy but not sell, nobody buys. I do not recommend it and their compensation plan is good but 40% of the profits force them to save in dagcoins to be able to use it in 3 years, I have spoken to the leaders here in India and no one gives answers they only say to wait 2 more years or that they can offer me 10% of the official value.

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