Review by Kanchan on Safron Smith

Saffy is incredible! She empowers the team to elevate and level up their mindset, work ethic, and inspires growth. I admire her energy, the support she provides via mentorship, and her dedication towards Courage500. Saffy is a leader with an extraordinary vision. I first met her through an introductory webinar for IMAcademy opportunities, and instantly I was inspired by her high spirit, confidence, and passion towards entrepreneurship and business. Later as I began to work towards this business I had the wonderful opportunity speaking to her and networking with other likeminded businessmen and businesswomen. Even though she is in Europe and I am from Canada, Saffy is very approachable and always there to provide a helping hand. I can confidently say that she embodies the qualities of leadership and what it takes to run a growing business. Thank you Saffy!

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