Review by Katarzyna Jagiello on Elepreneurs

My Fav Elevate MAX Happy Coffee &
XanthoMax Mood Appetite Xtreme Energy
+Immune support/Stress reduction
Happy coffee , Happy Tea , Happy Capsule
and so much more …. Amazing people to
work with and a great company as well.
I lost 20 Lbs faster then any product out there! Not only the product are amazing but also affordable and you get true results.
Research has proven there are four hormones that promote well being—ultimately happiness. They are the 4 hormones in D.O.S.E. Let's look at each hormone.
Dopamine is a neurotransmitter and is responsible for many functions, including memory, sleep, mood, pleasurable reward, behavior, and cognition.
Oxytocin is a special chemical in your body that helps create the feeling of falling in love.
Serotonin made from the essential amino acid tryptophan that sends signals between your nerve cells.
Endorphins are known as the body's "natural opiods" that can make a person feel happy and relaxed.

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