Review by Katherine Kedy Smith on Awakend

Awakend is the most amazing company I've ever been a part of.
Awakend is what happens when you have the best mentors and personal development individuals together, and have them work on a single project!!
Incredible people that decided to come together and offer an amazing opportunity by pulling their resources together, fused with only the best of the best products! Our owners know what it's like to be the field, and they make sure we feel well appreciated.
Awakend is my forever home, and I can't wait to be a part of their visions and have their dreams play out!! Changing lives in the most positive way by having the best interest of society at our center is such an EPIC experience!! Just to be associated and know this company makes me feel like I'm doing something right!!
Comp-plan!! Many of us joined without even caring what the comp plan would be lol simply because the people are top quality. But, Finally, a compensation plan that has the field and growth of our families in mind!

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