Review by Kauri Thompson on APL GO

The MOST IMPORTANT aspect of any company is the OWNER. Compensation plans and product lines can be altered at anytime and they are. Owner Sergey Kulikov is a former distributor and built an 11,000 person downline before the American company he was with sold to a new owner. He made his first million at 21 in real estate and by 24 he had amassed a small fortune. He fulfilled his lifelong dream by starting APL 8.5 years ago and against all odds he has succeeded with launching the US. Market. APLGO's website reflects structured compliant product claims, FDA product registration and a compensation plan that businessforhome published a 63% payout in 2019. Other notable facts; category creator Anion DNA Drops product line, Hybrid Ninery, and a company where the owner owns 100% and has total control. Sergey owns the tech behind the product as well as the manufacturing facility which can produce 100,000 boxes of product in 2 – 8 hour shifts.
APLGO is in whisper launch with 14 global facilities already established. We am looking for leaders to open global markets. For more info, youtube APLGO overview.

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