Review by Kelly Lephart on Awakend

I am so honored to be a founding member of this company. Having been in the industry and part of many different companies over the past 15 years.
I have found this company to be a diamond in the rough.
The founder having been in the industry for many years knowing the industry and what is needed to grow a successful business herself has created a culture that you can’t help but thrive in. The communication between corporate and those in the field has been absolutely amazing.
The trainings are designed for every member to succeed, for those with no previous experience and those seasoned in the industry. The product is going to rock the industry with clinical studies, double patents, and testers getting phenomenal results. I have a long list of people waiting to get their hands on it.
This company has attracted the most amazing team of leaders to make a huge impact on both customers and leaders alike. This is hands down a phenomenal company to be part of. And we are just getting started

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