Review by Kevin McDaniel on Jennifer and Jim Michel

My introduction to Neora was during the holidays during the pandemic. It was the perfect time to connect with others over a friendly game of Neora Bingo. I saw some new faces, and reconnected with some wonderful friends. I won some samples, and I received a lovely care packet. The face products were amazing. I've been in the spa industry for over 22 years, and I've never seen anything like their eye cream. I was very interested and curious about the Brain health (EMT) product. I'm personally concerned with my memory as I get older. I've been on the product for 3 months now. I'm sticking to it, even though I don't feel that I recall things any clearer as of yet. I do dream more, and even when I'm not sleeping well I do not get energy lags throughout the day. Jennifer and Jim are extremely personable, helpful, and fully concerned with one's customized well being. We all are unique, and they understand that wholeheartedly.

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