Review by Khuong Binh on Lynn Nguyen CEB

An amateur distributor who thinks she's talented and always cheats downlines.
It's disappointing that people are ruining the image of the business.
I'd rather work with a good leader at an ordinary company than a bad person who thinks she's a leader.
Quiari is ashamed of you.
This is the truth I want to tell everyone
Not nice words from blind distributors
A bad image of a leader
QuiAri is the best of the best opportunity. Right time right company right person. I love QuiAri forever ?
Especially perfect timing for me to change from my traditional small business to network marketing. I have researched many different company they are all good and QuiAri give me all the best and I am so happy to be a member with.
Now I don’t have to worry about my rent, supplies or worker.
I have more time with my family my little boy. And I have a lot of fun and happiness. I see a lot of happy face in QuiAri family.
Thanks very much QuiAri, Bob Reina, Alison and corporate team. Awesome family ?????

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