Review by Kiran Ganeshkar on iX Global

IX Global is the future coz the system r amazing I hope it will b very valuable for each and individual who r financially poor apart of that IX platform gives many social development knowledge n health etc.

IX Platform through which we can change both human and financial life of anyone . It's a life changing opportunity. Digital platform by which we can turn our smartphone into a ATM machine.

The Best part I like the Most

The automations are simple, easy to set up. The app is full of info on the company and also lots of training. You will never get through it all. Joe Sir and the team are always updating

I am thankful to our CEO Mr.Joe Sir Country Head Mr.Viraj Patil Sir & My Mentor's Mr. Ajay Sandbhor Sir , Dr .Rahul Shejal Sir for changing my life ??

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