Review by Kit Fell on Mavie Global

Hi, My name is Kit Fell I was born in Auckland but raised up North ever since then I have joined Mavie Global it's been a privilege to be part of this journey. I have learnt a great deal about the business side and all the different hubs Mavei has introduced in the crypto space. My favourites are the staking hubs and the Wealth builder for accumulating a passive income of more ULX within the years. I recommend Mavie Global to anyone who wants to be part of the team it is a great opportunity.
My dream has always provided an income for my family a dream home to call their own. To ensure that my grandchildren are financially stable this is my (WHY) everything I do has always been for my family. Thanks to Shelly Cullen our Mentor for sharing her knowledge with us she is my biggest inspiration for this journey I've been so grateful for the knowledge that she has shared since I joined.


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