Review by KJ Armstrong on MyDailyChoice

I have been involved in both traditional and online businesses for over 20 years and I joined My Daily Choice in December 2014

My Daily Choice is an amazing company with revolutionary products and one of the BEST compensation plans in the industry!

Run by the most genuine CEO I I have ever known who’s integrity and genuine character are second to none!

Everything the company do has their affiliates best interests at heart and our CEO is a TOP MLM earner himself (In fact was one of the youngest ever) yet he is totally humble about it and has not forgotten from where he started out in life – No born to riches here…just the correct attitude……no wonder his affiliates are some of the most hard working and dedicated professionals in the industry who are looking for a better and healthier future!

The training offered by the company, and many highly skilled and knowledgeable affiliates, is second to NONE! And the support network is beyond solid!

Soon this company will be reaching their 3rd Birthday and that is one hell of an achievement in itself in the industry!

The only way is UP with MDC!

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