Review by KL on Afnan Khalifa

It's all fake!!
They are paid to play a role.
It's 100% a Ponzi scheme once they hit their goal they will magically lose all the money of the customers but of course all the money will go in the players pockets. Stay away and tell others to stay away and expose these devils!!
They call it an educational platform and nobody makes profits and then they call it robots but in reality it's them playing around with the money and fake results. Guys go to work get real honest jobs with big companies not these devils!!
It's all an illusion and what they're selling is some bogus so-called educational platform which you can get completely for free on the internet. But they con people into believing that they're making profits with trading and robots and it's 100% not true. Eventually usually at a two year mark they all lose a lot of money and they blame it on the market. What's 100% not true. And then they start again. Stay away there are 100% selling products misleading and hurting many people.

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