Review by klemen on iGenius

so my story started like 1.5year ago when i wanna trade crypto witnlh no knowelage and than i say i wanna learn by my self and i lost alot of my money then i wanna get in to a forex withouth any knowelage so i started loking for a video tutorials on YT and there was bunch of stuff but nothing to understand ..Than i find nina hudovernik on TikTok she is also my mentor so i contact her on INSTAGRAM and than she told me everything abouth igenius and GCME so i startet my whole new side in my life book cuz i know deep inside of me that i can do more with my life not just working 9h a day for 40years …so i start learning everithing on igenius guide and university and i can say that i know eevry day more stuff abouth trading and markets analistic and more…so what i want to say to all you guy thank you 10000x for accept in your family (that  knowelage and learning material that u gave it to me nobody dosnt give me before)


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