Review by Kristin Louise Heneghan on Shaklee

I started by Shaklee business 10 years ago. I was 22 and looking for a better way to make an income but I wasn't willing to give up my job income at the time. I love what Shaklee stands for in the research they do, and the difference they are making on the planet.
I have been able to heal my health challenges, including allergies, PMS challenges, and acne. I have been able to live my life. While running my business my hubby and I got married, went on our honey moon, bought a house, had three kids, sold the house and moved to a new province. I was able to keep my business and bring it with me, while being able to serve all of my clients in BC while I am in Alberta. This really is the best ECO friendly and mobile business.
Plus I never have to worry if the products will harm my family or the planet. That to me, is invaluable.

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