Review by Kristin Provost on iGenius

This company, iGenius, is always working on leveling up and improving the quality of products it offers its members. I have been a member since October 2019 and I continue to be impressed with the regular rollout of incredible “perks”. Currently there are 7 different streams of additional income to choose from including trading, investing and also residual options. The financial education that is available is top notch. The University has a video library with beginner to expert level information, as well as scheduled interactive live training from experts in trading and investing. MONEYpro is a tool that actually teaches how to manage money to get out of debt and then how to build wealth. Members get to choose how they participate with complete control of their own monetary transactions. With iGenius you really do get more bang for your buck as you can get a return on your membership investment and have it start paying for itself just by sharing the value of this company with others. Making 6 figures or more is a reality for anyone who wants to make the effort achieve this type of personal goal. iGenius is truly changing the lives of people across the globe.

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