Review by Kristy Brown on World Global Network

As the wife of a Residential contractor, our life is stressed to the max. My husband has already suffered two heart attacks and currently living with an aneurysm. When I saw the Helo, it was an incredible device allowing me to monitor my husband 24/7. The peace of mind I have knowing I will be alerted if something is wrong makes it a little easier to have him out working as well as enjoying his passions of fishing and hunting. After realizing how much WE loved the Helo, the business opportunity was absolutely the next step. I am so glad we are now part of a visionary company that will provide new technology, devices, apps, and so much allowing us to have SELF CARE. We are living much longer now, yet our quality of life is not the best. With Helo, we have the ability to make changes to our lifestyle and live a long, high quality life — both in HEALTH and WEALTH! Because of World Global, I am looking forward to much better health care and my family enjoying financial freedom for generations!

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