Review by Kristy Nguyen on iGenius

I joined IGenius a month ago and I love every aspect of it! A little back story as to why I decided to join the company. I’ve always been extremely hardworking, putting in (80+) hours at a job that didn’t value hard work. I desired becoming financially free, but I was never given the proper resources or mentorship.

With this company, I was able to become more knowledgeable about forex and crypto. I was able to make money leveraging off of experts. No other company allows you to learn and earn money at the SAME TIME.

Igenius also offers the ability to purchase NDAU at a DISCOUNTED price while including a total protection plan that guarantees your initial investment back!!

My favorite part about Igenius is that I am able to use the artificial intelligence to trade for me, which is included in the elite package. That means it is HANDS FREE with only a minimum deposit of $1000.

Not to mention, there are mentors that teach you how to become successful and thrive in this business and in life. I am so much closer to becoming financially free because of the knowledge and guidance I have obtained from IGenius!!

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