Review by Larisa on iGenius

This company changed my life and many other’s! It’s the best solution for everyone that’s wants to learn about financial literacy and financial markets. I started my journey when I was not educated enough around money and when my income was basically a salary that didn’t let me even save because I was living paycheck to paycheck. Thank you IGenius for showing me how to literally change my financial situation, mindset and life. Forever grateful for this opportunity and I highly recommend it to everyone and anyone. I learned on this platform from financial experts how to manage my money, how to invest and how to trade and I know I have many things to learn from them. I had the opportunity to meet the top earners in the industry, and some of the educators of the platform, in the European convention this may and I saw the hard work that is behind this platform. I never thought it was like this. I also met some people that now became family thanks to this opportunity. I totally love IGenius

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