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I have known Péter since 2017. He contacted me on Facebook as a complete stranger. Then he has showed me a successful European MLM business. He even tried his hand at other companies. I have noticed that, in any businesses he really likes, he immediately takes a leading role and helps those who join him and all those to whom he can provide additional help either with his experience or by explaining the products. On the other hand, he spoke about the Neumi business with an overwhelming vigor. His actions proved his enthusiasm. He became a diamond leader in an almost exemplary amount of time. Energetic, reliable, helpful and good-humoured. It is a pleasure to work with such a person. His actions can be copied and are always constructive to the best of his ability. I am grateful to know and follow him.
He told me that, "Laszlo I have found the best product and business in the world. I am going to retire from here. No other business needs to be start ever."

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