Review by Lauren Barrios on iGenius

One step is what it took me to join iGenius, and that I will never regret, I have found what I was looking for without even realizing, and it is only been 3 weeks now, it might not seem that much, but I have learned here what I couldn't on my 5 years on college. Here I have felt a continuous growth that won't stop because I've had the chance to learn every day a new lesson that is priceless and that's what life is about, is a non-stop cycle of learning.
I'm grateful that I came across with this opportunity that has allowed me to develop myself, that have helped me to know how to manage my finances and that has supported me, this community makes you feel a warmth welcome, it is like to be part of a big family of incredible human beings that are hungry to work with you, to teach you and to push you to be your greatest self.

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