Review by Laurie Flynn on APLGO

This is the best everything. Best compensation plan. Let’s start with the hybrid ninery which has a 63% payout to associates. In addition there is even a 30% bonus returned on customer sales. They have unparalleled products. Let’s start with instantly absorbable, immediately available to cells, delicious, pure dna drops of nutrition. New lozenges are always in production. Today we have seventeen which are formulated to be uniquely available to each body system. One of the newest products is delicious freeze dried coffee which dissolves instantly in water. Plus you have the assurance that it is certified pure and clean at the highest standard. This is a family run business where associates are also family. We have the best owner and CEO in Sergey Kulikov. He sets the standard by his actions-providing a business where he cares about each individual and everyone is family. In 45 years in and out of direct sales I’ve never seen anything like it!!

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