Review by Lee Pinci on Melius

Melius – We love you! My spouse and I had read all the books: Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Think Rich Grow Rich, How to own the World and we knew the ordinary treadmill of life of work, sleep, earn enough to pay the bills, rinse and repeat was not the road we wanted to follow. We had listened to many of the entrepreneurial online seminars about business ventures; nothing ticked all the boxes. We are young parents and although wealth was an aspiration, more importantly we wanted to give our child/children opportunities and, of course, ourselves. Quite by chance relaxing on holiday we bumped into a lovely young couple who we enjoyed getting to know. It turned out they were co founders of a company called “Melius”. We encouraged them to tell us more! The idea of being part of the Melius team sprung into our minds – all we can say is – it just felt right. We have now been part of the Melius team for four months, and are now building our own team in Australia. We are enjoying every minute of it! Not only is the product excellent, the education and support we are receiving is

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