Review by Lee Redinger on LiveGood

Ben said "MLM is broken" and explained how it is flawed and has become worse over the years. He said "and we're going to fix it." And fix it he and the team does!

LiveGood's business model is refreshing. if the company can stick to it's mission, keep it simple and clean, and keep up with the growth, I expect LiveGood to become massive faster than any network marketing company has done yet.

Attrition, the nemesis of MLM, will not be anywhere near the traditional and common levels, so growth won't be offset by quitters nearly as early in the game as most companies see. As more product lines are added at such highly competitive prices, the incentive to keep a membership will only rise.

LiveGood has got it right.

If you don't know what I'm talking about it's probably because you haven't looked behind the curtain yet. You can do that here:

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