Review by Leighann Taylor on Damsel in Defense

I am a former damsel Pro and the company is legitimate there is so much more behind the company than just the products it's a culture of individuals with a passion and each one of them has a story as to why the only issues I found were not on the company's part but on society's part this company equips empowers and educates women men and children on everyday safety provides self-defense products for any and every situation that you can possibly think of with that said unfortunately the majority of society has a it won't happen to me type of mentality which I find extremely odd the majority of society will prepare for a flat tire by having a spare in their trunk and the funny thing is they may not ever get a flat tire yet won't invest in products that could potentially save their life when sadly statistics state that it can very easily be a possibility with all of that said the company is absolutely wonderful the problem that allies in the whole scenario is the majority of societies mentality and I'm actually contemplating becoming a pro again

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