Review by Lena Oetting on iGenius

iGenius is way more than a company, it’s family that changes lives so you can become the best version of yourself no matter what background you have.
When I started this journey I was at my lowest point desperate for change. I always had big goals & dreams but usually people tried to dim my light. I had no support system. Within two months of being a part of this family my life turned around. Learned how to properly invest, being educated by fantastic experts in all the financial markets, having secure investments (Ndau), an automated trading system & being able to work from anywhere in the world. The outstanding mentorship & constant support & raise for every persons hard work. A place where you & your hard work are being appreciated & recognized. Because of this opportunity I wake up every morning happy & excited for my future. This gave me my smile and hope back for a better & greater future along with a supportive & loving family that will help you achieve your big dreams. I’m forever grateful for this. If you’re reading this trust me you won’t regret joining this opportunity that already changed so many lives.

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