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Review by Leo Cuong on Nora Nguyen

🏆Champion Promoter Nora Nguyen is all about team-building and sharing QuiAri’s breakthrough products all over the world.🌎 💪🏻
Her energy 👊🏻 and passion for helping people has caught the attention of Business For Home. 🚀
“I strongly believe in the direction of the company and I’m 100% committed. I also believe that in the next 5 years, through the products and opportunity there is potential
Armed with a degree in Pharmacology, Champion Promoter Nora Nguyen used her knowledge of health and wellness and natural leadership skills to create a strong career in the MLM industry. Nora has recently become a QuiAri Promoter and climbed the ranks quickly with the help of her large global network.
“My team trusts me. They know I’m always looking out for their best interests. When I researched QuiAri, I learned that they were a generous company, good to their Promoters, and the products were made of high-quality ingredients and they worked. I don’t know how anyone can read their product testimonials and not be inspired to join. They are a company that is making a difference. My team and I wanted to do our part and help.” – Nora NGUYEN

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