Review by Louise Fox on Healy World

Since joining the Healy family, my life has been transformed in so many ways and on every level of my Being..Emotionally, Physically, mentally and spiritually.

I started with the Gold package. A well designed collection of excellent programs of Self Care. Programs entitled, PURE, CARE, BALANCE, BEING, ENERGY, RELAX and finally, RELEASE.

All of these programs are around 46 to 55 minutes and run a variety of beautiful frequencies that strengthen the bioenergetic field, energetically supporting and aiding recovery from environmental causes of energetic imbalances.

I also chose the pain/Psyche programs, that addresses both physical pain as well as emotional pain.

The Deep cycle comes next which are a more generally more comprehensive than the Gold Cycle program.

This incredible bioenergetic frequency device has helped me release the causes of depression from my own personal experiences and i'm just so impressed with all the other transformations i am experiencing, i just bought the Resonance. Cant wait to start working with the huge array of possibilities from this ingenious device.

Would i recommend it? 100% YES.

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