Review by LoWanda Dee Davis on Lady Godiva Beauty

Ok so I was with this company when it first started. The CEO Camille Lisa Milke has a very fraudulent past which throws up a red flag. She’s got a very nasty attitude toward anyone that’s not doing what she wants. The makeup is cheap low quality sold at very high prices. The CEO shared several ex members’ personal contact info in a Facebook chat which is illegal. I don’t trust her lies and the company is not doing well at all. There’s only around 40 active members and they launched last October. Beware of this company and do not join even if it’s free. There is absolutely no growth in this company and not many sells. Members are taught tobuy their ranks by creating accounts in family members names and buying through those accounts to increase sells. The CEO also had one of her members instruct everyone to go to the BBB site and file positive reviews for thee company to up their ratings. Everything that is being said in this review is truthful and I do have screenshot proof to back it up. Camille Lisa Milke is a liar, a thief and a con artist. If you google her name you will see all of the things she’s done in the past from cheating people out of money for home to having her real estate licenses revoked for fraudulent behavior. PLEASE HEED MY WARNING: YOU DO NOT WANT TO GET INVOLVED WITH THIS SINKING SHIP!!!!! No one is making any real money in the company .

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