Review by Lucia on SuperLife World

Superlife life is Super indeed life is Super with Superlife world.God sent this company to heal our pockets and also to provide good health. Lives are being changed financially and on the health side lives are being saved because of its powerful and miracle products. Thank you SuperLife World with you my life will never be the same again. Superlife to the world

STC30, it stands for Superlife Total Care for 30 days.

STC30 is a supplementary product which is manufactured from extraction of Stemcells from plants with a higher concentration of Stemcells for example the Swiss Apple. A Stemcell is an unspecialised cell which can change into any cell of the body. As a person gets older and older, some of the body cells tend to get depleted and get used up. These Stemcells have the ability to restore the body into a natural state functionality by replacing, replication, repairing, restoring and rejuvenating aged body cells.

It boosts the body cells by replacing, replicating, rejuvenating and restoring aged cells. This will boost the body's immune system to alleviate different types of diseases.

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