Review by maggie leblanc on Elomir

Changed mine and my husband's lives and marriage! We were super skeptical and now we are blown away! Walked away from a company I was with for 5 years, because of a little yellow strip! Best decision I've ever made! I love changing people's lives on this level, so many benefits in a little yellow strip! I'm super excited to see where this goes and what other products are in store! Try it, I promise you will be blown away too! The compensation plan is one if the best I've ever seen, the customer service goes way beyond and you couldn't ask for a more present and caring CEO. Van is absolutely the best, I could listen to hear speak her knowledge 8 hours a day! The leadership and training is phenomenal, people helping people and leaving them better than they found them, that's what it's all about! Thank you Van and the entire corporate team, I have my happy life back!

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