Review by Mandy Smith on LifeVantage

Lifevantage has changed my life! I went from being super healthy all my life, literally never sick… to starting around 32/33 being sick with everything. Seriously. Never even had a cold to getting strep throat for the first time ever! Followed by shingles, cold after cold, sinus infections, and all kinds of aches and pains. I even was diagnosed with endometriosis and kidney cancer!

I was told about Lifevantage by a friend and decided to give the products a try. After just a few short weeks I noticed HUGE changes. My chronic endometrial pain began to go away. I was no longer bed ridden. That was huge for me. Another month in and the pain was gone! Then around month 4 my tonail fungus from my military days, just disappeared. New healthy nails grew in! That issue had been treated by specialist many times and always came back within months. I've now been on LV products for almost 3 years and I can't say enough about how much I LOVE seeing my old self back at it again. Healing and active once again. I won't go a day without these products! Aging with grace is definitely a better way.

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