Review by Manfred Muuga on Crowd1

I am from Estonia, Europe. For the past 6 years i've been liveing abroad and earning good money as a chef.
Working as a chef is hard,
some days go up to 20 hours and free days are a luxury.
6 months ago i lost my job without any Notice and i was forced to return to my homeland almost entirely empty-handed.
During the pandemic i was not able to find work ANYWHERE, my country did not support me because i had been liveing abroad and also my relatives were unable to help.
I got very lucky thanks to a old friend, thanks to him and the fact that he introduced me to a opportunity where i could work online we managed to survive.
I now quit my job as a executive chef here in Estonia to launch this business as a full time network marketing proffesional after working part-time for only 3 months.
Crowd1 is amazing and impossible really is.. Nothing!

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