Review by Maria Boldry on Kris Bruntz

Thank you Kris for giving me and my dear friends such solid advice and service!! You are a dynamo!!!
I am so thankful for Healy and all of the great attributes it has brought to me and my family. (saving my dad from shoulder surgery, just for starters!)
Your help has been instrumental in getting us up an running, both in Health and in Wealth with this incredible product!!
I came into this business not needing another 'business', or another 'device'.
You encouraged me to look over the specs and watch a video. I gave in, and watched the video. I am awestruck that, as a Naturopathic Doctor, this tiny little device is capable of taking the place of 2-3 other electroceutical devices in my office …. and, it is wearable, portable, rechargeable and it works! We have now used the Healy device to assist others in seeing that we all need to participate in SELF-CARE and step away from the sick-care system big pharma is leading us all towards.
What a blessing for all who will invest the time to research, purchase and use this amazing medical device!
Go Healy and Go YOU!!!

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