Review by Maria Peralta on Nem Thapa

As in Independent Affiliate of Crowd1, I am so proud to have met one of the great people of the company in the person of Pres. Nem Thapa. As a leader, he absolutely define one as he is so generous to duplicate himself to others by being a mentor to us not to mention his full dedication to teach as well as playing a role of a business adviser to all he meet. He definitely share his knowledge and skill in the business. He is an inspiration to us as he is full of optimism, a great influencer and a great role model. Very educated, professional with excellent personality.
Thank you for opening the Global Webinar to the world. With this, all nationalities are given the chance and the opportunity to know, learn and be part of a successful company, CROWD1…I raise my hat to you Pres. Nem Thapa.

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