Review by Marie Wetherell on Christina D’Angelo

Christina D’Angelo
She is a medical professional
with Years of Knowledge
in the medical field
that validates our products benefits
Genuine caring and a great business mind
She has all her team members
front and center to support our efforts
The best leader anyone could hope
to be so lucky to have!
A quality Lady with quality skills
A quality Company with High Quality products!
She has enriched her teams lives and financial success with her trainings and continued support!
She shows she cares by her quick response with an upbeat helpful attitude
Her vision for our group and our success is heartwarming
She has built a community of people of all ages that see her vision to help make Health and wellness a reality for everyone we meet. It is happening and our DNA plant whole food lozenges are the best nutritional supplements to hit the USA and will be the change in the wellness space that was so needed
Thank you Tina for telling me about these candy like drops that has improved my health and friends and family’s too
Christina has my Five Star rating all the way ?

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