Review by Marilyn Michael on APL GO

APLGO lozenges have given me so much as a caregiver for my 92 year old Mom with late stage dementia. I give her all the products but the 3 that changed life for her and me are: HPR which caused her to be regular for the first time in 6 years (runs to constipation continuously are now a thing of the past). It worked in THREE days! RLX has relaxed her nervous system so much she is now able to feel safe with people and is NOT anxious about every little thing, BRN has allowed her the ability to be part of conversations and even though she cannot express a lot of words, she can understand most and she enjoys the feeling of being a vital person again. The rest has allowed her to be on NO DRUGS at all – no pain meds, no cold or flu meds. She has not been sick – not even a cough or sniffly nose or fever or anything in these last 2 years. I am healthy and I take these everyday to stay that way! Life changing botanicals!

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