Review by Marjorie Walden on Healy World

My husband and I bought a Healy and have used it constantly since April. It has been amazing for me in terms of dealing with painful hips, ankles and archilles since having a full knee joint replacement. When I feel stiff and sore, I run programmes for pain, muscles, joints and pain goes away. When I’m stressed and can’t sleep, even with breathing and mindfulness exercises, I run Healy sleep programmes and I sleep soundly and wake refreshed. My husband, who has had little energy and chronic reflux due to cancer meds, has been running the programmes recommended by Healy analyse app, and has more energy now after using Healy for 3 months, than he had in 2 years. His symptoms are more bearable. Cancer is still there but life is much more bearable and fulfilling. He also has bad back pain from injuries over the years. When he is stiff and sore, he runs a Healy for back pain and he can sleep and carry on his normal daily routine. Healy is amazing as a device to allow us to deal with holistic wellness and balance.

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