Review by Marlene Hoohuli on iBuumerang

Ibuumerang is a Phenomenal environment of Leadership, Learning and Life Changing Opportunities. I'm truly blessed to be part of it! I've never been part of something that has allowed me to be free of having to work multiple jobs, spend more time with my family and work on self development. One of my new unexpected medical conditions forced me to be on medication for life and while adjusting to it, it made it difficult to get through the day. I started using one of the products from this company called Zence, an essential oil wearable technology. This product helped me deal with the side affects of the medication and seeing how this helped me, my family started using them to. Receiving the opportunity to be part of this organization, has been a blessing. If you ever get a chance like this, don't let it slip away. Mahalo Mr. Buggs! Buum, Buum, Buum, FREEDOM! #JUSTDIFFERENT

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