Review by Marlon Abellada Lazo on Billy Dela Fuente

I started my entrepreneurship journey 6 years ago. I don't have business background, I'm not good at communication skills and I don't know how to run and sustain a business. Mentor Billy is one of the people who helped me grow my online business. His experience in business for more than 14 years really helped me to be who I am and what I have today. Just to share, 6 weeks ago Mentor Billy reached out to me because he also want to help me grow my business faster. After 5 weeks my mentorship I was able t purchase my 1st car. Imagine, if Mentor Billy is also your business either in business, life, spiritual, career or family, I'm sure she can definitely help you. Thank you so much Mentor Billy for your selfless service and all the lessons that you shared. God bless you!:)

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